How to Win Your Girlfriend Back- The Correct Way to Freeze Her Out

Published: 12th April 2011
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There is a popular strategy in self help books for how to win your girlfriend back called "freezing her out". This version of the cold shoulder has to be done carefully so that you don't push her away even more, but it can be very effective. Read this article on how to properly freeze out your girlfriend to get her wanting to come back to you.

After a break up, particularly when you thought things were going alright, your initial response will be desperate and clingy actions. Things like:

  • Calling her constantly (including emails and text messages)

  • Showering her with gifts or flowers

  • following her around everywhere (stalking)

  • Apologizing over and over again

  • Begging and pleading with her to give you another chance

  • Telling her how much you love her and need her

  • All these gestures do is make you look weak and needy, like you can't live with out her. You might feel that way, but don't let her know it! If she knows that she has you right in the palm of her hand you're not going to get her back.

    There is a technique where you can freeze her out by giving her a bit of the cold shoulder. I say a bit because you have to use a light touch with this technique. If you make it seem like you are uninterested in getting back together she may just call your bluff.

    Freezing her out is almost like pretending she doesn't exist. It may seem really simplistic, but the effect of this technique is not for you, but her.

    Unless she absolutely hates you she wants to at least know that you are doing alright. By not giving her the satisfaction of knowing how you are and what you are up to you are making yourself mysterious to her, which is a very attractive quality to a woman. Curiosity will drive her nuts!

    If she walks up to you and starts a conversation, and after a few days or more of using this technique she probably will, just act indifferent to her. Don't be exited or let down that you are seeing her.

    Here is How to Win Your Girlfriend Back by Freezing her Out:

  • When she attempts to talk with you be pleasant, but also seem like you are in the middle of something and need to leave quickly

  • If friends or family start talking about her resist the temptation to ask how she is doing and change the subject

  • If friends say that she misses you, again resist the temption to engage in the conversation

  • No calling or texting her and ignore when she does it (no calling her later, just don't do it!)

  • Essentially you are just ignoring the fact that she exists, but not trying to be bitter about it. Basically moving on with your life the way it was before you ever began dating her.

    How does this work? You are now portraying all the qualities that attract women to men. You seem busy which makes it appear that you have more to offer than other guys, you are not giving into her advances which makes you a challenge and you are not telling her what's going on in your life which adds the element of mystery and intrigue.

    Curiosity alone will drive her crazy! You will be on her mind all the time whether she wants you to be or not. Instead of being a whiny, clingy guy begging to get her back you are a confident man that would love to be with her, but is not going to sacrifice his right to happiness as a result.

    Is freezing her out how to win your girlfriend back? If its done correctly it works everytime. You have to be careful because you don't want to come off as bitter and resentful. By nature giving someone the cold shoulder exhibits both of these qualities.

    As long as you are not rude about being too busy to talk or not wanting to hear how she is doing this technique works brilliantly. Her own curiosity and your newfound mysterious edge will be very appealing to her and at the very least get the ball rolling on patching things up with your relationship. A powerful method of how to win your girlfriend back that should not be overlooked


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